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What you should know about me:


 Having 30+ years of experience in psychic counseling, shamanic healing, and as elder in several earth based spiritual paths, and extensive training with native tribal elders, I offer various traditional methods for bringing balance, healing and ceremony into your life.

Are you desiring ways to access your inner power? To find your inner Goddess?  To bring balance, beauty, love into your life?  With the Creative forces of the Universe we can bring light, wisdom and transformation into your life now.

Whether you are facing difficulties or desiring positive change, your higher self knows the way to happiness,enlightenment and balance for your lifeway.

Trust the time-honored traditional ceremonies and techniques to re-create your life and allow it to be joyous, filled with the Natural force of the Earth Mother  and Sky Father as it expresses through you.

This is the time of transformation, the time to embrace your Inner Goddess, to eliminate the darkness and fear that stalks each of us and bring more Light , more pure healing and Life energy into your daily walk.  

For Personal readings, or counseling sessions, please email me at I will respond within 24 hrs

Aurora's Offerings:

Guided meditation tapes and cd's-  "Balance your inner warriors"

                                                  "Visit with your Star Elders"

                                                   "Access your personal Goddess"

Person to person:

Ritual to facilitate balance,         Divination for guidance on your life path,

Aura cleansing, Trance dance ceremony, Moon magick, Energy work,

 Polarity balancing,         Working with the Four Directions and the Sacred  Wheel

Becoming the Goddess in your life                      Oneness with Nature

Fire ceremony                                   Working with your totem animal     

Various Healing techniques


Breath of Stars

Aurora is available for private session,  as well as facilitator at seminars, festivals, small or large groups, and has many years experience in radio, tv, university and college venues as speaker, forum member, and co founder of Wise Woman's Festivals in No. Florida 

 List of previous engagements and references available on request. Contact me at  or wyrrdwolf@

Aurora Whitebird: Background

 BA-Theology, Universal Brotherhood Movement, Shamanic elder, founder of Council of Whistling Elk Ft Laudale,  Elder hps Trad. Wicca,  18+yrs apprentice to Native medicine elders, Ordained Priestess of Isis, Temple of Isis Oasis, Geyserville, Ca., Fellowship of Isis International, Children of Four Winds Society, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Energy Healer, 30+yrs professional intuitive and healing facilitator

Guest lecturor at FAU, Nova University, University of Florida. and University of West Florida, Santa Fe College continuing Education facilitator 

Consultant with various police depts. and Search and Rescue, Business consultant to corporate leaders and well known public figures. 


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Call me at : of Florida  for a quick reading or for more information